Julio Papá

Arguing with the television,
turning it down, loudly,
eating fresh rosquitas and offering them
to everyone.

Wanting to share in the wine
But too methodical to do so.
Keeping life’s rhythms and rhymes.

Patterns that matched his shirt.

Setting his watch by casino,
Punching the clock at the café as if going to work,
Paying without comment.

Community wherever he was.

Welcoming you, as you are,
Who you are,
Supporting your dreams,
Take a nap if you want to, fix the world if you want to…
But how about a sandwich at 8:40,
And could the doctor’s appointment be after breakfast and before the café?


Trust your Heart/ Confía en tu corazón

Confía en tu corazón.  Algunas personas y ciertas cosas son importante para ti por una razón.  Escucha tu corazón y sigue tus sueños. 

Trust your heart. Some people and certain things are important to you for a reason.  Listen to what your heart is telling you and follow your dreams!

Make 2013 a year of positive risk-taking!

Arriésgate en 2013 con posibilidades positivas.