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Life Lesson

As literacy coach, I mostly work with teachers to improve their instruction of reading and writing.  Now, as the school year ends, I have had the opportunity to return a bit to that which motivated my interest in coaching to begin with: conferencing with students.

Today in 5th grade a student asked me to do the final edit on his memoir.  I agreed.  We sat together and discussed a few key words, some grammar points and the structure of a memoir.  When we arrived at the importance of the story, he spoke of having learned that with support he can achieve any goal.  I told him to never forget that lesson.  We spoke of his going to 6th grade, his future and his enduring learnings.

As we finished our conference he leans over, pats me on the shoulder and says, “Thank you for the life lesson, Mr. Fleming.”  I smiled, thinking he was joking.  He wasn’t.

Life lesson.  That is education and it so much more important than the key words and the grammar points.

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