Ask the Question

___Ask the
Question.  Not the
     I got you
Question nor the
     I’m smarter than you
Question.  Ask the
     Tell me who you are today?
Question.  Ask the
     What’s difficult?
     What’s the best, most interesting?
     What’s surprised you?
Question.  Ask the
     Tell me more about…
Question.  Not the judge, jury nor executioner
Question but the
___build community and understanding

Answers are not lions (but may be thorns).
Answers are doors.

___Share your
Answers.  Then ask another


I still believe we welcome the stranger

How we treat the least among us
holds a mirror to our soul

The peace we are and the hope we live
outshine violence, blanket fear

My kitchen table has extra space
for there is enough when we share

It’s not us and them
It’s just us, all of us

I still believe we welcome the stranger